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IFAGlobal HMHP Inc Organization To Feed The Homeless

Aboru Aboye,

IFAGlobal HMHP Inc is happy to announce that Egbe Ose Royin IFA Temple NO.1 of Atlanta GA will be feeding the homeless Saturday February 5th 2017 downtown Atlanta Georgia. We welcome the local community to please come and join us. For more information please contact IFAGlobal office 001-770-882-7136 or email

According to The US Department Urban Housing Development 2016 website. On a single night in 2016, 549,928 people were experiencing homelessness in the United States. In various states of emergencies, such as shelters, transitional housing programs safe havens or unsheltered locations.

Over the years homelessness in the US has increased. According to Atlanta Homelessness Mission website over 7,000 people face homelessness in Atlanta Georgia.

There are many Orisa & IFA Temples of Atlanta Georgia, who are part of helping the community by serving the people of the communities spiritual, physically and mentally, Local community worker " The Priests are working hard and diligently, even sacrificing there own personal lives to helping people in need in the local communities to combat negative forces or situations which cause homelessness".

Some causes of of homelessness derive from broken homes, divorce, depression, financial difficulties and set backs, low self- esteem, drugs etc. Egbe Ose Royin IFA Temple No 1, along with various other Orisa organizations, Egbes in Atlanta Georgia USA and many cultural organizations Worldwide continue to see and teach the importance of practicing IFA & Orisa culture or traditions & customs of which our ancestors practiced in order to heal our communities and environments. Helping the local communities by various cultures and coming together preventing these types of disturbing conditions. We are all human and the reality is that no human should be without shelter or food, its our human right to live in a healthy environment which grows food from the earth.

Feeding the homeless has been far from anything new.

According to article The Black Panthers: Revolutionaries, Free Breakfast Pioneers by Andrea King Collier 2015 researcher. In 1968 the Black Panthers Organization which was governed by predominately African Americans of local communities all over the USA, were serving a Free Breakfast Program that (included milk, bacon, eggs, grits, and toast) to over 20,000 school aged children in 19 cities around the country, and in 23 local affiliates every school day.

If we read and highlight all the articles declared In the 1948 United Nations (UN) declaration of human rights

We see that human beings have the right to live in a better style living social environment, where there is not discrimination via race, gender creed, rich, poor, and the list goes on. However, when you see on the many streets of city areas within Atlanta Georgia. The declaration for human rights is far from the reality we see day- to- day, there is proof on the streets through the eyes of a hungry homeless person that we are living very far from the written truth. Ase

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