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IFAGlobal HMHP Inc Lectures Invited To Clark Atlanta University Georgia USA In Honor of Black Histo

During February 1990 His Royal Highness Oba (King) Ofuntola Oseijeman Adelabu Adefunmi I marked a historical event when the 1st King of Oyotuniji African Village H.R.H. Adefunmi I was invited to speak at Clark University Atlanta Georgia about African culture and history to the students.

Over 27 years later since the Oba (King) Ofuntola Oseijeman Adelabu Adefunmi I and his team lectured at Clark. IFAGlobal HMHP Inc Educators were invited to speak in honor of African Black History month to Religious Cultural Studies with Professor Dunstan' Class.

"We are deeply honored and thankful to have had this opportunity to speak and educate the students of Clark Atlanta University on numerous occasions this month in celebration of African Black History Month ." I was a little boy who travelled with my Godfather the first King of Oyotunji African village Oba (King) Ofuntola Oseijeman Adelabu Adefunmi I and his team when he lectured back in the early 1990's at Clark Atlanta University .

He said to us, one day you all will have to continue this and teach about the importance of restoring and practicing African Culture, Its amazing that we are here in one of the largest African American Universities in America. My Godfather, I know he would be deeply proud, for us continuing the works, we dedicated and honor those ancestors who sacrificed there time and lives in our history and the ancestors of Clark Atlanta University Ase" said Professor Babalawo Ifategunse Osadele.

Both C.E.O' Babalawo Ifategunse Osadele & Apetebi Omirelekun Ifalase , C.O.O' Baba Sango Dare & Olukemi have been currently traveling in Atlanta Georgia and currently volunteering community services within school institutions and Universities in Atlanta Georgia to teach and educate about Yoruba IFA culture and how the culture can help mend and raise awareness towards the betterment of communities and families.

IFAGlobal HMHP Inc is a non-profit organization ( who provide educational basic cultural programs to different schools and universities in the local communities of Atlanta. "The students have been very receptive and open to learning about

Yoruba IFA Culture and how the customs and traditions can help strengthen their personal lives, family and communities". said Apetebi Omirelekun Ifalase

According to the Clark Atlanta University website Clark Atlanta University is a private institution of higher education, with a predominantly African-American heritage, offering undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees as well as certificate programs to students of diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The University was established in 1988 via its parent institutions Atlanta University (1865), the nation's first institution to award graduate degrees to African Americans, and Clark College (1869) the nation's first four-year liberal arts college to serve a primarily African-American student population.

In 1929-1930, the institution began offering graduate education exclusively in various liberal arts areas, and in the social and natural sciences. It gradually added professional programs in social work, library science and business administration. The institution during this period associated with Spelman and Morehouse colleges in a university plan known as the Atlanta University System.


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