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What Is An IFA Personal Monthly Spiritual Chart System?

What Is An IFA Personal Monthly Spiritual Chart

Ifa is a repository of wisdom and knowledge, it is the store house of Yoruba culture, tradition and spirituality. To learn Ifa takes time, patience, and discipline. Ifa is a way of life which helps to guide humans to their highest potential in life this is done through Ifa divination. Administration have developed a easier way for all who wish to learn the culture and spirituality of Ifa.

How Does This Work?

Very simply, through monthly IFA divinations, consecutively for 9 months.

Ifa divination is a way the ancestors and gods can communicate with humans, Ifa is the voice of Olodumare, the ancestors and gods. Ifa divination helps us to see clearly our spiritual path in life and how to reach our spiritual goal, of course obstacles and difficulties are always a challenge, but Ifa gives us the remedies to solve these problems.

What Is The Importance of Following Your IFA Spirituality Chart?

Your spiritual chart marks the beginning of your spiritual journey in life and the mapping of your journey is in your DNA, When you receive a IFA divination. The system of Ifa is the navigator helps you to put the pieces to your puzzle in its proper order. You cannot exist in the physical realm without understanding the spiritual realm (the spiritual and physical realm are married, one cannot exist without the other). Your spiritual chart gives an over view of how you should move in the world and how to overcome difficulties and problems that may arise. Your spiritual chart takes you through the different levels of consciousness and each level carries a set of lessons to learn, these lessons are designed to teach you (your physical and spiritual self) what it needs to know to reach the next level of development.


  1. Every thirty days you should receive an Ifa divination reading. This investigation reading will help to guide you through the month. The divination it entails what energies and forces you will be dealing with for that month and what is needed to appease them. Also look at it as spiritual maintenance, many people rush to IFA when there is a severe problem or when the damage is already done, But if you keep up with your monthly divinations you are able to prevent or know what you need to do prior. Your monthly IFA divination gives you the spiritual tools needed to maintain balance and harmony with the physical and spiritual realm. Staying in alignment with your physical and spiritual self is hard work so, spiritual maintenance is needed to keep you aware of what’s going on with you internally and externally.

Internal works:

  1. How to connect with your inner self (your Ori inu, inner head). Prayers will be provided along with step by step instructions on how to appease your inner head (ori inu), these techniques will cultivate balance, establishing a healthy communication between the spiritual, physical and mental self. By following the prescriptions of Ifa, you will learn how to keep your emotions and temper in check, this will lead to developing good character and behavior.

External works:

  1. The internal works will give us the discipline to be able to deal with the external problems we as human’s face day to day.

Our physical environment

Our job

Our social environment

Relationship (marriage)



All the situations, challenges and difficulties confronted daily.

One of the main issues we as human’s deal with into days society is stress. Managing stress can involve making changes in the external factors which confront you, or in internal factors which strengthen your ability to deal with what comes your way.

Ifa the system of wisdom and knowledge gives us the spiritual repellents to solve these types of issues before they take control of your life.

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