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IFAGlobal HMHP Inc (501 c 3). Is Officially Recognized Internationally by ARSADIC- Association of Aj

IFAGlobal HMHP Inc IFA Organization is happy to publicly announce that IFAGlobal HMHP Inc is not only officially recognized nationally within the state of Georgia USA as a non profit 501 c3 IFA religious educational organization, but is now honored to be recognized Internationally and registered by ARSADIC.

(Association of Ajo Esin Abalaye Adulawo of NIgeria) - Ancient Religion Societies of Africa Descendants International Council. " We are truly grateful to Olodumare, IFA , Orunmila , our Ancestors for being guided under the umbrella of of this important council under the direct Administration of Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II

( Ooni of IFE its definitely a privilege and a

milestone for IFAGlobal HMHP Inc. We have been working very diligently in our communities within th state of GA and various states in the USA. UK , Europe and various parts of the world , and strive to be in alignment of the Ooni of IFE as well as the administration to helping restore positive order within the IFA communities around the world )" Says Dr Iyanifa Ifamena Ifalase.

ARSADIC CAT/IT/NO 112307 has been established since 1795."This is in order to ensure that All IFA Organizations, Temples, are officially recognized by Ile Ife around the world. " Its good to be-able to make connections with IFA institutions and shows that we are operating under the divine law of IFA and that we are part of something or a larger Egbe, its good for Yoruba Culture and helps to bring all the IFA people all over the globe more together and to learn from each other. We pray that Olodumare, IFA our Ancestors continue to guide us so many people need IFA to heal and mend our world right now. The administration of IFAGlobal HMHP Inc have been dedicated daily towards helping maintain the teachings and education of IFA by providing IFA programs, IFA services and lecture programs for communities, Schools and Universities throughout the state of Georgia and the USA. Being recognized by Arsadic reinforces and acknowledges who we are among our elders and the traditional IFA community around the world. "We are humble and grateful to Olodumare( God and our ancestors and aim towards more successful outcomes. " IFAGlobal HMHP Inc Administration spokesperson.

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