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IFAGlobal HMHP Inc IFA Doctors & Educators Invited by Religious Educational Faculty Professors A

IFAGlobal HMHP Inc Administration and IFA Doctors were gladly invited for the 5th year lecturing to students on the culture of IFA tradition and Ancestral Worship during the month of November 2018. "This visit was extremely exciting for IFAGlobal HMHP Inc as CEO'/Educators Professors Oluwo Babalawo Ifategunse Osadele, Dr Ifamena Ifalase & Operations Manager Chief Baba Sango Dare also invited IFA Dr Oluwo Ifasesan Adeyemi to also join to educate the students at Clark Atlanta University on the importance of the benefits of incorporating the system of IFA. Dr Dunstan and the Religious and Philosophy Education department' mission is to prepare students with the understanding and the competency to apply major theoretical and practical concepts in the fields of religion and philosophy including perspectives for moral, ethical, and character education while facilitating relationships with United Methodist organizations, campus ministries and alumni, and seeking new knowledge for solving challenges confronting a diverse global community. educators lectured together on the importance of practicing the art of patience, relating to your parents and family by the assisting of your Ancestors and learning more about your destiny by using the system of IFA. "The students were very energetic, receptive" and alert especially being a Monday morning 10.50am" Said IFAGlobal Staff Member. In addition, IFA educators emphasized teaching the importance of the days of the week in Yoruba IFA African Tradition.

"Learning about The days of the week help us to know how to think & act accordingly or what course of action to take daily" says Dr Iyanifa Ifemena.

For example: a seven day business calendar week in Yoruba tradition is

Ọjọ́ Àìkú - Sunday (Day of not dying)

Ọjọ́ Ajé - Monday (Day of profit)

Ọjọ́ Ìṣẹ́gun - Tuesday (Day of victory)

Ọjọ́-rírú/Ọjọ́rú - Wednesday (Day of confusion or day of sacrificing)

Ọjọ́bọ̀/Ọjọ́ Àṣẹ̀ṣẹ̀ Dáyé - Thursday (Day of coming or day of recent creation)

Ọjọ́ Ẹtì - Friday (Day of failure)

Ọjọ́ Àbá Mẹ́ta - Saturday (Day of three suggestions).

In the Yoruba tradition each day has a meaning and by the help and assistance of your community elders and Priests, you can learn how to pattern your lifestyle to better help you. In the IFA traditional spirituality devotees go by a four day calendar

week, each day a particular Orisa, Deity, God is worshiped. Offerings and prayer for these days are done . "The Yoruba IFA tradition is very much social and communal cultural system, this is needed very much in our community and today' institutional social environments". Says Iyanifa Ifemena. The increased popularity that is influenced by technology such as cell phones, facebook, social media outlets may have it's positive aspects. However, it's proven by observing your local institutions, that in this generation causes major social verbal delays at social gatherings. When you go to a family gathering or function you may notice how everyone will be texting on phones or be on social media. Hence, the physical speaking and communication human aspect is delayed. This too has impact on the relationships between children and parents at home. and the communication among friends and family.

There were 25 CAU students between the ages of 18 and up in the classroom and they asked many questions relating to more about there ancestors and how to form a stronger spiritual bond with their parents. demonstrations of dobale a Yoruba form of saluting was done with the students. "We are extremely honored again for the 5th year to be part of such a historical American University such as Clark Atlanta University". Says IFAGlobal Staff member. Fo more information or if you would like IFAGlobal HMHP Inc IFA Educators to lecture at your school and University please contact IFAGlobal HMHP Inc Administration office: 1-770-882-7136 email

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