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Why Should I Learn How To Practice Ancestor Veneration?

Who are your Ancestors?

Do you know them, what did they look like, what were their behavioral traits?

To understand your ancestors you must first have a knowledge of their history and their characteristics, this is important, because part of ancestor veneration is remembering their personalities, when we honor ancestors we are honoring their personalities, their Ori (head) which is linked to their character and behavior.

To know your ancestors is to know the bloodlines (mother and fathers side of the family) you come from, you are an extension of your family tree, you not only represent yourself, but you represent a long line of ancestors who came before you they are apart of you, you are genetically connected. Were your ancestors business people who owned markets and dealt in trade? Were your ancestor educators, politicians, priests, and of royal blood? Were your ancestors musicians, poets, philosophers, or farmers. To know who your ancestors were you must do the investigation through the divinatory system of Ifa called An Ancestors Roots Divination Consultation.

What language do the ancestors speak?

The ancestors speak the language of their culture, this is why it's important to know were your ancestors came from, understanding how they communicated

will help you to make that spiritual connection with them, knowing the different types of foods they liked. This will help you to make a better connection with them, knowing their customs and traditions will help you to understand them better. Having a social order is very important in African culture it helps to maintain the social structures, institutions, relationships, customs, values, and practices of ones culture and family traditions.

Where do the ancestors live?

When the ancestors leave this physical plane they go to the spiritual invisible realm called in Yoruba Orun (heaven) our ancestors did not see heaven as being up

but yet they seen heaven as being all around. Most of all our ancestors live in our minds and hearts. When we think about them, talk about them, mimic some of their ways we are honoring them and allowing them to be part of our space, our ancestors are all ways with us, "so where do your ancestors live" well they live with in us as well being genetically linked to them and them to us lets you know that your ancestors are with you at every moment and everyday.

How do the ancestors help us?

Our ancestors hold a great influence over us, the more we learn about them the more we learn about ourselves. Our ancestors are a source of inspiration and protection

they look after us and continue to inspire us to do the right things in life.

Our ancestor have left behind moral principles for us to follow if we follow those principles we will

live long, gain prosperity, wealth and general-well being. The more we honor and connect with our ancestors the more stronger we become, the more grounded and stable we become, the more unified we become with our families, communities and societies.

When Do you appease your ancestors?

Appeasing our ancestors is an everyday ritual, weather you go before your ancestor shrine to pray, give offerings, give gifts etc appeasing them is very important.

In the IFA tradition we appease our ancestors every day by going to their shrines and giving water and prayer to them, when we eat we set a portion of food aside

for them, weather its breakfast, lunch or dinner we appease them by allowing them to eat with the us. You may change the ancestral waters on the shrine daily and also allow your children to be involved with doing the same. This helps to acknowledgement process and spiritual connection. Another way we appease our ancestors is when we are doing charitable things in our communities, the ancestors love when their children are performing great deeds for humanity not only does it shows a reflection of your character, but it also shows a reflection of their character as well. Appeasing your ancestor brings many blessings of victory, financial empowerment, good health, progress, and most of all harmony, happiness and balance.

How do I begin the process of connecting with my ancestors?

It is important to set up a basic Ancestors shrine or altar to show acknowledgment of your ancestors. For example, you may get a Table a white cloth ,9 glasses of water, pictures of deceased family members. A plate of food or any items that your ancestors liked. You should then make an appointment with An appointment will be made by a representative for you to have consultation with a Professional Babalawo or Iyanifa IFA Priest Diviner for a Ancestral Roots Divination.

What things will I find out during my Ancestors Divination?

You will learn where your ancestors came from pre-Atlantic Slave trade, you will learn who, what, how they lived, what the family taboo’ were, if there was a family curse that needs to be broken, who they worshiped and what family traditions they practiced before colonialism, what side of the family you are from predominantly and much more investigation.

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