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A story of Iwa Pele- Gentle Character

ÌWÀ PẸ̀LẸ́ – Gentle Character Throughout our lives we strive to attain this level of gentleness and balance. The story was told of Iwa, the most beautiful woman in her village and everyone wanted to marry Iwa.

​​It was Orunmila who eventually married Iwa. Orunmila was the only one to make the proper sacrifice to marry Iwa, but in order to marry Iwa there was one request, and the request was that Orunmila should never mistreat Iwa or raise his voice at her. Years into the marriage Orunmila returned home and his food wasn’t ready, Orunmila was so upset that he began yell and fussing about his food not been ready.

Iwa took the abuse, she patiently prepared the food and Orunmila sat down and ate. The next morning Iwa packed her belongings and returned home to heaven. Later when Orunmila realized she had left he searched all over for her, he eventually found her in heaven.

Orunmila begged her to come back to him, he promised he will change and asked that she be patient with him. Iwa said that she would not come back with him but will be with him in spirit. This IFA story speaks of patience, losing out on what could have been because we lack the patience to follow through.

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