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What Is An Ancestral Roots Divination Pt1?

What Is A Ancestral Roots Divination?

A roots divination reading is an in-depth investigation where you are guided through the system of Ifa who? what? how? and where? your ancestors derived from. Under the guidance of IFA, your divination from your ancestors and the professional licensed Priest . You will learn how to keep your family together and in alignment with your blood relative ancestors. Learn where your ancestors directly came from, learn how they lived and how they can help you in your life today, tomorrow and in the future.

What is genealogy?

(Idile in Yoruba)

A line of descendants traced continuously from an ancestor.

Lineage, blood line, family tree, and pedigree.

The term ‘genealogy’ (Idile) is the study of family ancestors as far back as we can go.

It also deals with your connection to your family tree.

What Is The Process For An Ancestral Roots Divination?

During the root’s divination, A licensed IFAGlobal Babalawo/Iyanifa divining priest with the help of Ifa will take you on a journey into the traditional life styles of your ancestors. How they lived, act, and behaved. With this information you may be able to compare some of those behavioral ways with self, family and children, this is important because it helps with molding and shaping one’s character (Iwa) in life, understanding your family traditions is part of ancestor veneration. Remember you are a branch from your ancestor tree where ever you go in the world your ancestors are with you, this is why building good character is so important because you represent not only yourself in the world you represent your ancestor as well, it is the ancestors who punishes those who act out of character and it is the ancestors who blesses those who behave with good character.

Elders in traditional communities tell their children when they leave the home to go out into the world “ to never forget your customs and traditions, always honor your ancestors, work hard and show respect to your elders” your ancestors are with you and they are watching you, whenever you need to replenish yourself come back home for your home is your source of power and stability. The Africans born in the United States history began way before coming to America. Our history began in Africa, the cradle of civilisation where we were a spiritual, educated, family-centered people.

Why Is it important to honour family taboos (eewo)

A taboo is an act, action, custom or behaviour that is highly forbidden, prohibited based on sacred social or religious meanings attached to it. It is a universal phenomenon present in all societies, communities and importantly families. Taboos are constructed based on belief systems, values and historical events. During the roots divination process the taboo of whatever lineage you are from (father’s side of the family or mothers side of the family) will be revealed to you, this information concerning family taboo is important for you to adhere to because it brings long life, wealth and prosperity to those who follow the family taboo’s, to not follow the taboo’s is dangerous for your taboo is your poison.

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