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Who Is Orunmila?

Who Is Orunmila?

Orunmila was the very first Babalawo (Ifa priest father of the mysteries) who came from heaven to earth, he was given the knowledge of Olodumare which is encoded in the 256 odu of Ifa when you receive an Ifa divination and the Ifa priest chants or speak the wisdom from the Odu Ifa it is Olodumare speaking to you. Orunmila was the very first Babalawo to speak the wisdom of Olodumare on earth, he used this wisdom to help humanity to understand themselves and their destinies here on earth.

Orunmila In Yoruba mythology, Orunmila is the spirit of wisdom among Irunmole and divinity of destiny and prophecy. He is recognized as "Igbakeji Olodumare" (second in command to [Olodumare], i.e., the Supreme entity; often also playfully translated as "second calabash to God", since "igba" means "calabash") and "eleri ipin" (witness of fate). Orunmila is also referred to as Agbonniregun, the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom of Ifá ("ee-FAH"), the highest form of divination practice among the Yoruba people. In the Santeria / Lukumi diaspora, in present-day Cuba, Orunmila is known as Orula & Orunla.

Is Orunmila IFA?

Orunmila is not Ifa, but he is the one who leads the priesthood of Ifa and it was Orunmila who carried Ifa (the wisdom of Olodumare) to Earth. Priests of Ifa are called Babalawo or Iyanifa (female Ifa priest). It was Orunmila (meaning; "only heaven knows the secret to salvation and survival", or, "Orun-ni-o mo eni-ma-la"). His name is actually Ela also called Elasoode (Ela ties Ide on), while in heaven assisting

Olodumare with the organisation and creation of the universe, which because of his great assistance and vast wisdom/knowledge Olodumare sent Orunmila to Earth with Oduduwa to complete the creation and organization of the world, to make it habitable for humans. It is Orunmila and only he who recognises the position that Olodumare put ​ Ori as the supreme deity above the Orisa including Orunmila himself, it is Ori that can intercede and affect the reality of a person much closer than any Orisa. For this reason it is important to consult with Babalawo during times to know ones direction and the wish of ones Ori.

Can Women Receive Odu?

Women do not need to receive Odu because all women already have Odu which is represented by the womb of women and the female child bearing ability; the womb is seen as both a physical and spiritual gateway between the heavens and the material world. Several Odu Ifa mandate that women do not see nor receive Odu.

How does one connect with Orunmila?

When you receive a IFA Divination and work towards receiving the tools of IFA i.e the sacred palm nuts of Orunmila the Ikin. This is when you receive and undergo various ceremonies and take oaths .

Your Hand of IFA (Kofa Ceremony) and going towards TEFA Ifa Full Initiation Ceremony.

Which is receiving your destiny knowing your purpose in life.

It was Orunmila who spread the message of Ifa to communities and

their spiritual leaders, to connect with Orunmila you must

first understand the history and the life Orunmila lived when

he was on earth. Orunmila was known to posses all the qualities

of an Omoluabi:

Iteriba- Respect

Inu Rere- Good will, Having a good mind towards others

Otito- Truth


Akinkanju- Bravery

Ise- Hardwork

Opolo Pipe- Intelligence

Aboru Aboye Abosise

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