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Who Are The Great Ancestral Mothers (Iyami Aje ) Pt 2

How are women or descendants of African women related to Aje?

According to our elders women, or descendants of African /Caribbean people are the direct biological and spiritual progeny of Odù, African Nubian women bear various aspects and force called Àjẹ́. In addition, Àjẹ́ is associated with All women because of all essential roles in conceiving, giving birth, carrying and nurturing children and much more obligations.

African women are the owners and controllers of the energy of Aje; because of the type of power Aje projects, Aje “represents rather the mystic powers of womanhood. Nevertheless, the Eurocentric religions try to demonise and use scare tactics to identify the Yoruba concept of Aje as the terminology associated with the negative aspects of what is known today as a witch or witchcraft which this name comes from German origins as well as old English. In the system of IFA culture and tradition it does not use the European concept of a Witch to define what Iyami Aje our ancestral mothers represent physically or spiritually, there is a very big difference in both concepts and meanings are not the same.

What Is The Importance of Motherhood?

In the Yoruba IFA culture, there is no-one like your/our mothers. A mother is the first teacher, the first person you look upon when you are born. We always must look upon and respect our physical and spiritual mothers. A mother experiences pain and near death experience to give us life. Motherhood is the highest form of initiation in the physical realm and rites of passage that ONLY a woman can walk to learn and experience.

A mother is the guardian and protector of earth.

A mother is a conduit which leads us automatically to Olodumare God of the Universe.

In the Yoruba culture. Once you become a mother you are automatically part of this profound ancestral Egbe. And must learn to follow the rules and laws of this institution in order to preserve the longevity of our children.

Is There An Initiation For Iyami Osoronga /Aje/Elders Of The Night?

According to our elders. No initiation is needed. To give offerings there are many places, one of the main places is through Esu Shrine. Other places are advised by IFA divination and IFA Priest,Healer, Adviser Doctor.

Are There Shrines For The Iyami/Elders of the night?

No. Many offering are made in nature by selected places depending on the orientation through IFA Divination with the Babalawo and Iyanifa or IFA Diviner will inform you of at the time.

What Is Ase?

Ase is the Life Force breathed into all living things on earth from Olodumare, Ase Is the power to create. Ase is the word mean the power to command. So be it.

What Animals Symbols closely represent the Ancestral Mothers Iyami?

According to our elders the birds see everything and report back to their Egbe society in the trees and Mother Nature and talk about everyone or their findings, especially in the morning. Cats, Owls are symbolic or sacred animals of the ancestral mothers.

What Types Offerings do the Iyami like?

Palm oil, Eggs, Beans, there are many more which is advised through professional investigation when you receive a IFA Divination. Under the wisdom and guidance of the system of IFA. It's important to appease the physical aspects of the feminine energy. Women possess such a great power from the great ancestral mothers which is a combination that at times maybe an overwhelming power for women to hold naturally in connection with the Iyami.

May The Ancestral Mothers Support All good things in this world Ase

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