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IFA Global HMHP Inc Nominated Finalist Selected By The Non Profit Trinity Awards

This year IFA Global HMHP Inc Institution just found out this month IFA Global HMHP ( Healing Mentorship Humanitarian Programs) Inc has been nominated as finalist for The Non Profit Trinity Awards being held in August 2019 Atlanta Georgia USA.

For over four years IFA Global HMHP Board, Administration, And Volunteers have devoted time, hard work and positive energy to the communities within Atlanta GA areas and various states within the US.

IFA Global HMHP Inc Organisation provides IFA African Cultural Lecture Education mentorship programs, IFA Consultation Spiritual Healing Services, & IFA Programs to help find a way to heal and solve problems within communities for Institutions such as Elementary Schools, Universities, Correctional facilities, and Outreach Feeding The Community Programs within the USA. " We were shocked! Its a great honour to be recognised for the hard work and services that non profit organisations provide" says CEO Iyanifa Ifamena. We started small, and through determination in order to improve conditions of our communities we are growing in moderation. Once you plant a seed and keep watering it, and taking good care it will flourish.

IFA Global HMHP also provide online educational mentorship programs which cater to youth and adults in further learning about the importance of ancestors, Iwa pele-good character, Ori mind health, career destiny, marriage , family, life cycles etc.

The Non profit Trinity Awards is an annual event directed by Linda Brooks Horton and her team of professional board members The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc. Their mission is to support, recognise and honour small nonprofit organisations and outstanding individual volunteers for their resilient work, passionate commitment, and exceptional service within their respective communities.

If you would like to support or vote for IFAGlobal please visit:

IFA Global HMHP Inc will also be providing lecture programs at Clayton County, Fulton, Dekalb

Libraries and more within Atlanta Georgia areas. For more information on how IFA Global IFA Educators can provide lectoral programs in your institution ,school, University, Correctional facility please log into or contact IFA Global Office 1-770-796-0143


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