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What Is An IFA Divination Reading Consultation Pt1?

What is your purpose? Do you know what your task is in this lifetime?  Do you want to know who your really are and your true self?  Most people do not know until they are brought to the mat of IFA for divination.  Although all answers may not be revealed at the same time, IFA divination gives us a starting point in order to know how to solve our problems in order to live a balanced life.  Ifa divination acts as a communication between humans, gods, and ancestors you can know clearly what these spiritual forces are saying, what they require of you and what they will do for you in return. IFA Divination is a very important part in human development and overstanding.  It is through Ifa divination that the history of our ancestors is told and how they were able to overcome challenges in their lives.

What is Ifa divination?

Ifa divination is a spiritual and physical investigation into you and helps to bring clarity and clear directives on the wisdom and knowledge on how to connect to your highest potential. Throughout the IFA Divination areas of your personal life that needs help and will be revealed. IFA divination helps us to keep in alignment on our destiny an restore harmony. 

The concept and art form of Ifa divination is derived from Yoruba customs and traditions.  It is the highest form of divination amongst the Yoruba people of South West Africa Nigeria. Ifa practitioners are all over the world. During the Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade many West African captives were forcefully brought as slaves but they held onto their original customs.


For example, before Colonialism i.e. Christianity and Islam, it was a tradition for a mother and father to take their newborn child to a traditional Ifa Priest for a birth divination, the outcome of this divination gave a perfect description of the new born child' character.

IFA divination contains the history, mannerism, science, art and poetry of a people’s way of life. Ifa lets us know through divination if we are on our destined path or if we have strayed off our path. It is through Ifa divination one can understand the nature of obstacles and the solution to solving them.

How Will IFA communicate to me during my divination?

Ifa divination is how the ancestors and gods (Orisa) can communicate with us.

Those who are sanctioned to access the wisdom of Ifa, through divination are called Babalawo and Iyanifa, they are the mediums between Ifa and the client. Ifa divination is not only a body of knowledge but it contains cultural values, history, science, social, medicinal and emotional expressions. Ifa divination is the system our ancestors used to solve family, institutional, governmental, and personal problems. It is through Ifa divination that one can find answers to life challenges and situations. IFA divination helps provide a formula for us to use. This is in order to help guide us towards manifesting results which will help us walk our true purpose in life.

I want to know my destiny here on earth, how can Ifa divination help me?

Yes, it is through Ifa divination that one can find their road map in life. This includes ones

Career path, one’s strengths and weaknesses in life, one’s taboo's, one’s spiritual path, health conditions and their relationship with their family and community.

What takes place during IFA Divination?

The Ifa divination process is an enlightened experience, this is a time when Ifa, the Ifa priest (Babalawo or Iyanifa) and the client is in the sacred space of Ifa, the Ifa priest is the medium between Ifa and the client. During the divination session the Ifa priest will either use a divining chain called Opele or the Ifa priest may use sixteen palm nuts called Ikin Ifa, these tools are used based on the client’s situation​ The Ifa priest will pour libation to pay homage to Esu Elegbara, the ancestors, Ifa and Orunmila and pray for the success of the client, then the Ifa priest will touch the head of the client and cast the divination tools to interpret the signs that have been revealed.

During this spiritual investigation the client will be given the wisdom, knowledge, messages, directives and the formula that he/she must adhere to, to have positive outcomes. 

The client will also be given certain rituals (ebo) that will have to be performed so, that the client situations can change to a well-balanced outcome.

What happens after Ifa divination is performed?

There is a spiritual prescription or prescriptions given to you, this is known as ebo (sacrifice). See IFAGlobalsite article (“What Is Ebo"?) It is strongly advised that this spiritual work must be done within seven days from when your IFA Divination was done. After the spiritual work is done, the Ifa priest will have final words and prayers for the client or devotee.

How long does an Ifa divination takes?

It depends on one’s purpose for coming to Ifa. 

it can range from 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes

longer. It really depends on your current circumstances. 

Will just one IFA Divination solve all my problems

One divination will not solve all your problems, that is why we advise that a person should receive an Ifa divination at least once a month to make sure that they are on the right path and nothing has interfered with their growth. As humans we are faced with lots of challenges in life ranging from health problems, financial problems, poverty, enemies, relationship problem etc. During the divination process, whatever areas of your life needs strong attention and elevation. The IFA Priests by the guidance of  Ifa will reveal it and give the remedy to solve it. The IFA system is a bit by bit process. The IFA system requires patience and working gradually towards reaching our highest   potential in life.​

Do I have to be part of the IFA Tradition or a devotee in order to receive an IFA Divination?

No, anyone can receive an Ifa divination. Ifa does not discriminate against anyone outside of its culture i.e.  Christians, Muslims, and many other religions, non- religious and cultures have come to the foot of Ifa seeking its knowledge and wisdom to restore order and elevation in their lives.

How often as a newcomer should I receive a IFA Divination?

New beginners into the Ifa traditions, should receive an Ifa divination at least once a month.

Why do I need to pay for my divination and ebo?

Ifa divination and spiritual work is a service. The Ifa priest are using their long years of hard work and acquired knowledge to enter your experience to adjust whatever changes are necessary to make your situation well balanced. The concept of Money in Ifa is part of the ebo, the giving up of something to receive something greater is how Ifa determines ebo (sacrifice), so paying for your Ifa services means you are making ebo (sacrifice).​​

Are there many types of IFA divination?

No, offers many types of IFA consultation services for the worldwide community.  There are many types i.e. House/Real Estate Property Divination, University Career Divination, Birth Children Divination, Love/Marriage IFA Divination, General IFA Personal Divination, Health Divination? Ancestral Roots Divination and many more.

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