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What Is Orisa Aje?

Orisa Aje in Yoruba culture and spirituality in the feminine power that represents wealth and prosperity. When we look at the historic role of women in Yoruba culture pre colonial period, women played a major role in social and economic affairs. Iyalode, and chieftaincy title of great benefit represented women in council but also she was a political and economic mentor to women. Iyaloja (mother of the market), is another title of great importance and benefits amongst women in Yoruba culture, The Iyaloja rule not only deals with the marketplace, her power extends into the realms of overseeing the rituals that are performed to protect and support her community.

Orisa Aje is the goddess that represents the power of women and their position in Yoruba culture. Orisa Aje as an energy force in the source of wealth, prosperity and economic stability. In order for communities to function and operate at its full capacity the source of economics is needed and it is Orisa aje who is at the core of this functioning, money as they say gets things moving in the world, in order for things to get done in the world you need money and so we say you need Orisa Aje. The power of exchange and trade is one of the essential functions of Orisa Aje, she represents the energy of giving and receiving, in order to purchase a product from a market you have to give money in order to receive that product, it is this orisa that aids in getting the things we won't out of life

Orisa Aje represents the social functioning within a culture and its community. All societies and institutions within a community operate and function by using the power of Aje, wealth, money, prosperity, and economic stability. Without Aje the world will be in ruins and in povish conditions. Ifa has this to say in the Odu Ifa Obara Odi. Money is a form of ase that helps us to do the necessary things that we have come to the earth to do. As you can see in this verse, Ifa is saying that money is part of the life force needed for human survival , money is currency that constantly revolves and passes from one hand to another, money is a deity it is what we call Orisa Aje.

Orisa Aje operates in all organised systems as we stated and that even includes spiritual institutions. Most people view the relationship between money and spirituality as something that shouldn't exist, but it is the spiritual institutions that knows the knowledge and spiritual functions of economics, money and finances. In order for the energy force of money to flow and revolve one has to know how to appease this force. In the Yoruba culture and spirituality of Ifa we know this force as Orisa Aje. To appease this vital force one must consult the system of Ifa, to understand this force one must study Ifa. Those who have been touched in a fortunate way by this Orisa has a responsibility of contributing some assets or funds to a better cause, this is considered one of the highest forms of venerating and appeasing Orisa Aje.

Ajé pèlé oní so,

Àjé ti n so ewé dá gbá,

Agbèdí òrò kó rò ode ró,

Ògèdè lajé njé lo tu Ifé ti fi njó kó, ò tèmi,

Àjé dákun wà jó kó ò tèmí,

Éyì ti kò sí un tomo arayé ò máà wà kí rí,

Àjé ma bò it emi,

Oní le kán dá se le ayé,

Akéhin l’Òrìsà.


I salute you, you are the one who stays where you want,

The one that makes minors be respected, as older people,

The one that facilitates things,

The one who eats banana fruit in ife to stay with one,

Àjé please come stay with me,

The one who doesn't lose and people look for her,

Come to me, I can't live alone,

You're the last one who came.

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