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Who Are The Seven Orisha?

Who Are The Seven Orisha?

The seven Orisa, famously known as the seven African powers are the Orisa Esu elegbara, Ogun, Obatala, Sango, Osun, Iyemoja, and Orunmila. These seven Orisa are some of the most powerful, formidable Orisa venerated amongst the Lukumi tradition, Afro cuban, African American, Afro Caribbean, and south Americans. When these Seven powers are venerated together, they work wonders for those who seek their help and guidance.

Who is the most powerful Orisa?

Sango is considered to be the most powerful Orisa, because of his affiliation with fire, thunder and lightning, but in truth all of this Orisa are powerful in their own right. The Orisa are emissaries of Olodumare, each orisa has their own task in the universe and their duties to humanity.

Which Orisa helps with money?

Orisa aje is considered to be the goddess of trade, wealth and prosperity, she is the daughter of Olokun the Orisa of the large bodies of water and all of its wealth. When an individual or a group of people are in need of wealth and prosperity, it is Orisa aje they appease. Olokun is also the Orisa we appease for wealth, prosperity and conscious awakening.

How many Orisa are there?

In the Yoruba culture cosmology, there are more than seven Orisa there are about 801 Orisa/Irunmole. There are 200 on the right side of Olodumare, there are 200 on the left side of Olodumare and there are 401 who move through the whole universe including our planet earth.

Why Is it important to wear the Seven Orisa Eleke Beads?

Eleke beads are sacred to the Ifa culture and spirituality, they stand for unity, togetherness, and harmony. To wear the elekes of the Orisa means you are forming a relationship with the Orisa, you are devoting your life to the worship and understanding of the orisa. In return, Orisa will support and guide you on your journey to reach your highest potential. The seven African power elekes are worn by practitioners who follow the traditional Yoruba Orisa IFA and Lukumi system Yoruba Orisa IFA systems. These seven elekes represent those seven Orisa (Esu elegbara, Ogun, Obatala, Sango, Osun, Iyemoja and Orunmila) who are the most worshiped in certain traditional lineages. Wearing the seven African power eleke beads help to empower the IFA /Orisa devotee spiritually. It brings harmony and balance to the orisa devotees/worshippers.

Where did the concept of the seven African power come from?

During the trans-atlantic slave trade billions of West Africans were kidnapped, forced against there own will and transported to many of the Caribbean Islands and the Americas, they brought with them a rich culture and spirituality that continues got grow till this day. The veneration of ancestors and Orisa empowered many of our ancestors to survive the cruel methods of slavery. One of the ways our culture and spirituality survived was our ancestors disguised the traditions in Catholicism this caused a change in the traditional practices in the Americas and many of the Islands. Orisa houses were established so that the traditions can survive. The concept of receiving more then one Orisa at time was born and with that the concept of receiving more then one eleke was established, depending on what traditional lineage you came from you received a certain amount of elekes. This is how the seven African power concept came about, some Orisa houses would give 5 elekes and some would give 7 elekes. the birth of the seven African powers was born.

We pray and pay ongoing homage to ALL the Ancestors, elders before us and everyone who now continue to preserve and still till this day to practice our ancient true way and culture, the customs and traditions of ancient great ancestors.

We pray that our ancestors are protecting us and are elevated in the spiritual realm and we want them to know that we always pay homage and remember them for the sacrifices they made for us to continue to be custodians of our true heritage and customs and traditions. Adupe- Thank you Ase Ase Ase O

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