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Join IFAGlobal to Feed The Homeless Every Month in Atlanta, Georgia

IFAGlobal HMHP Inc is happy to announce our new renovated Outreach Community Programs are in affect. One of the programs is called, feed the homeless program. " We hope to further gain more support from other non-profits to help people in Atlanta Georgia and defeat the homeless situation" Says CEO Omirelekun Ifalase. "I too have been homeless before at some point in my past and have experienced living in a shelter with my children, so we truly know what it feels like to be without and there were people who helped us along the way.

In Atlanta Georgia there are many IFA devotees who have experienced hardships but through the wisdom of IFA Orisa & our Ancestors and elders IFA /Orisa Devotees aim towards walking a better path of manifesting a balanced destiny, and where they can help others.

Orisa devotees honor the Orisa Obatala, the deity of white cloth on Sunday. Much of our actions of feeding the homeless on this day is greatly associated with the Orisa Obatala. An important aspect of honoring the Orisa Obatala deals with taking care of the impoverished, the homeless, honoring our elders, parents, disabled, and those who who are less fortunate and need help. " We have to remember that the Orisa are in nature, they are in us and learning how to care, show humility and take care of humanity is extremely important in terms of daily actions. How can we say we honor Orisa ( forces in nature) and not take care of our planet and humanity? If you see a homeless person or a any person who you can see is in need and you are not in any harms way, if you have something, even a bottle of water, its good character to share and give These are the basic fundamentals that we teach "Iwa Pele" good character, an important aspect of the physical and spiritual attributes of Orisa Obatala.

IFAGlobal HMHP In not only provide African IFA/Orisa educational,cultural, spiritual destiny programs for people in local communities and around the world , but have organized various outreach programs such as IFAGlobal Feed The Homeless Programs.

There are many Orisa & IFA Temples of Atlanta Georgia, who are part of helping the community by serving the people of the communities spiritual, physically and mentally. "The Priests are working hard and diligently, even sacrificing there own personal lives to helping people in need in the local communities to combat negative forces or situations which cause homelessness", says a local community worker.

According to The US Department Urban Housing Development 2016 website. On a single night in 2016, 549,928 people were experiencing homelessness in the United States. In various states of emergencies, such as shelters, transitional housing programs safe havens or unsheltered locations.

Over the years homelessness in the US has increased. According to Atlanta Homelessness Mission website over 7,000 people face homelessness in Atlanta Georgia.

Some causes of homelessness derive from broken homes, divorce, depression, financial difficulties and set backs, low self- esteem, drugs etc. IFA Orisa Egbes in Atlanta Georgia USA and many cultural organizations worldwide continue to see and teach the importance of practicing IFA & Orisa culture or traditions & customs of which our ancestors practiced in order to heal our communities and environments. Helping the local communities by various cultures and coming together preventing these types of disturbing conditions. We are all human and the reality is that no human should be without shelter or food, its our human right to live in a healthy environment which grows food from the earth.

Please join IFAGlobal HMHP Inc and Egbe Ose Royin IFA Temple This Sunday March 12th 2017 @ 12.00 noon We welcome the local community to please come and join us. For more information please contact IFAGlobal office 001-770-796-0143 or email

For more information please visit, contact Office Office: 1-770-796-0143

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Phone: 1-770-796-0143

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