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Who Are We?

IFA Global Online HMHP Inc (Healing. Mentorship, Humanitarian, Programs) is an official registered 501c3 organisation in the State of Georgia, USA  and registered charity organisation in West African Nigeria.


We are a dedicated, worldwide team of professionally trained Babalawos, Iyanifa, Apetebi, IFA Priest/Chaplains, Professors, IFA Traditional Healers, IFA Devotees and Volunteers, Olorisha Priests, Administrative Staff located online USA, UK, Nigeria, Caribbean & more countries. We provide professional IFA Orisa services, IFA Ori Mental health, character development programs, IFA Divination ebo worldwide activation prayer services, Community outreach programs, professional IFA Orisa Education courses, and lecture programs services for HBCU traditional schools, all colleges, high schools, and elementary. We provide IFA Priest services, materials, and lectures for correctional & juvenile correctional facilities. We offer outreach programs to accelerate life changes by providing resources for low-income individuals through IFA Ori mental health & character development mentorship education, IFA course education for communities, and feeding the homeless communities, and mentorship education centers for character behavior development and higher learning into the cultural influences of the Yoruba tradition.


What Do We Do?

IFAGlobal Community Programs

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