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Understanding the Power of IFA Divination Spiritual Reading: Part 3

How is my IFA Divination connected to prayer?

Once your spiritual divination/reading is prepared, the Babalawo/Iyanifa Priest can know which prayer verses are associated with your head Odu. There are 256 Ifa Odus that all consist of an infinite amount of verses memorised, passed down, and orally taught to competent Ifa Babalawo/Iyanifa Priests. Every human has an Odu (Life path) established to them in the heavens prior to coming on earth. Your personal Odu is connected to your own head, a scan of your spiritual inner deep conscious mind called Ori. Using sacred tools (Opele or Ikin), we can analyze your mental health status and your life/destiny to spiritually scan if you are on track or in alignment with your life path.


In other words, it is your own head, inner Ori, that authentically reveals what is going on in your life and where your life needs improvement and guidance. Through the IFA system, Orunmila is able to translate your personal life codes through the holy Odu's prayer, stories, verses, and parables.

Although Orisa Obatala deals with the physical head, Ori deals mainly with the spiritual inner head. The inner head you tend to ignore. That connection to your intuition. That connection with your Egungun/ Ancestors, Orisa, and Olodumare.

The holy codes of the odu coming from your inner spiritual mind (Ori) are then translated by IFA (The highest divinatory system in the world, deriving from West Africa, Nigeria).

This divine blueprint is revealed so you can understand what messages Orunmila, Orisa of destiny, has to reveal to you by way of competent Babalawo/Iyanifa Ifa professionals, licensed, trained, and sanctioned by elders.

During the IFA Divinatory healing process, Ifa defines prayers/verses that are selected, along with specified materials, and chanted to be positively activated by a professional Babalawo/ Iyanifa IFA Priest by their memory.

The IFA divination process is a unique divine way passed down from our ancestors. Babalawos/Iyanifas use this process to unlock what type of sacred Ifa verse is directly associated with you. These spiritual prayer verses help us identify the procedures needed to remove your obstacles and solve your hardships so that you can walk your true destiny. Prayers and chants are activated in order for blessings, long life, good health, wealth, money, victory, peace of mind, and many other Ire to come your way.

How does A IFA Divination help to improve my behaviour, character?

An IFA Divination is an essential spiritual reading that heals, encourages, and provides functional changes to human behaviour (IWA) Character.

When you receive an IFA Divination reading, the IFA Priests, by way of IFA, will include and pinpoint what IWA (Character) traits in you that need aid. Your IWA can sabotage your process and elevation of acquiring your present and future opportunities.

In the IFA system, IWA (Character) is very important and often overlooked. Your IWA may sabotage your destiny if you don't recognize what part of your character needs help.

For instance, say that you are a person who has terrible temperament issues. In this case, IFA will help us understand what you have to do, what ebos need to be done, and what practical actions need to be taken in order to keep you cool and calm. By listening to the warnings revealed to you by Ifa, you can avoid ways of this temperament to cure it. Ifa helps us to prevent more problems and helps us identify the authentic spiritual/physical source of behavioural/character issues.

Your IFA divination can unveil what Orisa needs to be appeased and worked with, what Akose (natural Ifa medicine) you need to take, and much more. The balance of these things helps us maintain an excellent character, which helps to avoid more problems. You'll discover more about your personality and life path from your Odu (revealed during the IFA Divination reading).

Your Odu is an intricate piece of the puzzle to fix, heal, and transform your Ori (head), behavior, character, and lifestyle toward successful outcomes.

Do I have to be a certain age to come for consultation to IFA?

Yes, you have to be 18+. According to the holy odu Eji Ogbe, if the client or devotee is under 18 years of age, it's advisable first to obtain consent from an elder to make appropriate decisions on their behalf. IFA is a severe personal business; if you are underage, your parent(s)/guardian(s) must guide you right. The sacred odu Ejiogbe explains that when a child is born, the most significant support comes from the mother and father, who are your physical Gods that should always be appreciated, respected, and honored best. When the child gets older, they can use their brain, and their own Ori (head) to support them. When the child is of age, they can independently receive the wisdom of IFA's guidance through consultation.

I am interested in a IFA divination what do I do?

Well what are you waiting for? Walk your true destiny today.

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