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Unveiling the Mystery: Who is Olodumare? (Part 1)

Who Is Olodumare?

Olodumare is the universal power who governs the whole universe. In some explanations Olodumare is in control of the heavenly realm. The elders teach us that "Olodumare NEVER sleeps". Olodumare is not human, Olodumare is the ALL around us, some would say A force , the All, a Spirit , There are so many interpretations .

Who Is Olodumare to the Yoruba West African IFA Spirituality ?

Olodumare governs the whole Universe. We cannot even think or define on how huge or what Olodumare is in all languages of the earth , all we can do is explain the best way as humanly possible. In the holy odu Ifa Odin Irosun (Irosun di) Olodumare speaks.

In this odu IFA explains that Olodumare is so powerful. That whomever receives this Ifa sign must follow the guidance strictly of the Babalawo and Iyanifa IFA Priest instructions by way of IFA the voice of Olodumare himself.

One way to somewhat understand or give the best understanding to feel the essence of Olodumare stop what you are doing now..... and close your eyes. What do you see?......BLACK ,FLASHING LIGHTS, NOTHINGNESS, (0) the universe. WE ARE CONNECTION WITH OLODUMARE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE when we

our eyes we are in contact with the universe in some form. When we switch the lights off, we are in the dark room , we notice that we blend in with everything in the pitch dark, its peace and we are one, notice in art class all colours of the spectrum , when put together makes the colour black.

I wear black clothes often does wearing the colour black affect me in anyway spiritually on my journey, destiny through the system of IFA?

Firstly note it's your choice, however it's advisable to know what Orisa supports your life purpose by receiving an IFA Divination. If you are a type of person that wears the color black all the it's like being in the same colour level in essence as Olodumare. In the Yoruba tradition and culture it is taught that Olodumare works alone, handling the responsibility of governing the universe. And this is why he has ordained helpers such as Irunmole/Orisa to come down to earth to help handling and support humanity to resolve human issues and problems.

I was told in a IFA divination from the Ifa Priest that IFA advises I wear more white clothes. What happened if I do not follow this advice?

Disclaimer: Although we cannot advise you directly on your reading from this article, we do advise you receive more clarity from whom did you're IFA divination reading for more guidance on the wisdom coming from IFA.

We can share that if you are advised to wear more white clothes it is for the best interest to follow the advice from the wisdom of IFA . For example:

wearing white clothes guarantees more protection from the Orisa Obatala and when you know or research on the personality traits of Orisa Obatala . This deals with good character behaviour, and a cooling down of temperament, thus wearing white clothing will help merge these same qualities on your energy.

Black is a very powerful colour in terms of the types of power the colour and both positive and negative energy it draws and projects, many known and unknown spiritual energies attract to this colour, it' a highly spiritual divine colour.

How do I connect more to Olodumare?

Olodumare should be the first name we call upon as soon as we open our eyes and before we close them, Olodumare is everywhere so there is not a specific place to access the energy of Olodumare.

We say "Iba Olodumare"

We praise you Olodumare the God of the universe.

Just by saying "we praise you, we pay homage to you" , we thank you, we honour you , please rescue me Olodumare, help me in my life, bring me victory, you are invoking a connection, by just calling the name, or even thinking , you just have to call upon the right name of which is recognised by your original ancestors.

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