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Why Is Ebo and Money in The IFA Religion, Spirituality, Tradition ,Culture, So Important? Pt 1

Why Do We Pay Money For Ebos In Ifa?

In the holy Odu Ifa Obara Odi, Ifa says money is a form of Ase ( Power) or tool that helps us to do the necessary things that we have come to the earth to do. In all of the holy scriptures of Ifa, the essence of money is used as one of the sacrificial materials. The ebos cannot be done without it.

Aje-Money is an energy like all of the materials prescribed by Ifa to make ebo. Energy that can be used for good or for bad actions.

In order for your offerings, prayers and sacrifices to be accepted, money is needed and used to pray with during the ritual. Once the ebo (sacrifice/spiritual work) is completed, the ebo begins it's journey to its destination. The spiritual aspect of the money acts as a toll fee so the ebo/ritual can get through the gates of heaven. Esu Odara, the one who carries all ebo is paid for his services and the deliverer of ebo. The physical aspect of the money is used to pay the Babalawos/Iyanifa/ IFA Egbe, IFA Communities for the hard work and there services, who ensures the success of the ebos, the money is also used to purchase the necessary expensive materials/animals to make the ebos on your behalf.

Much hard work goes into ebo rituals and many will not understand in its entirety how much goes into the work unless you witness for yourself or actually practice or are doing it yourself and when you do, you will most certainly humble yourself or eat humble pie, because the work that goes into doing spiritual surgery to clean up the accumulated spiritual unwanted influences that you have gathered for many years there is really no money you can put on it. It takes much time to clean up so you can experience a rebirth, fresh start , new beginnings.

What if a client/devotee wants their money back after the ebos are completed?

What we must understand is that the trained disciplined good charactered Babalawos, Iyanifa, and the Olorisa priests are traditional doctors /healers who are custodians of the tradition, we are spiritual healers, doctors, sanctioned by Orunmila IFA, Orisa, IFA Elders, Oluwos/Teachers. For example, if you go to the hospital to correct a problem, what is the first thing they ask you? Do you have insurance, the administration staff want to know first before they take your temperature, vitals, inspect your physical health, if you have insurance to cover your surgery, or doctors visit.

If you don't have insurance you have to pay out of pocket. And it definitely costs. Please note: ( IFA does not discriminate we respect All doctors/healers of the world) Even if the process maybe different. Ase

Within the Ifa culture and spirituality we do not ask the client if they have insurance first to fix the problem, in most cases a good trained Ifa Priest would consult Ifa on how much the client/devotee has to pay for the ebos, and once Ifa confirms the amount then the client has to pay that specified exact amount, this is what keeps things honest.

What you have to understand is that this is your spiritual debt, either yours or your Ancestral blood lineage spiritual debts, this is why you receive a IFA Divination or Ancestral Roots Divination Consultations to help us to clear the path so we can have blessings come to us directly with our obstacles in our way. Just like we have physical debts we have spiritual debts , The strenuous physical and spiritual labor and work that the Ifa Priest has to perform or goes into shifting your circumstances is extremely intense. To the point that the IFA Priests/Healers are putting their own life at risk, for the greater good of humanity or successful results for you to have good health, long life, victory, prosperity based on the wisdom of IFA.

For a client to ask for their money back or complain before or after the ebo has been completed is considered to by our elders a disrespect to Ifa, the Orisa, As well as the IFA Priests Olorisha Priests, this lets us know from the door that the client/devotee/visitor doesn't have any faith or trust in Ifa or needs to work on there behaviour .

The IFA priest can choose to give the money back to them, but the client has to understand that they came for help to the Awo and to IFA and are made aware of each step that must be taken this is why you have a IFA Divination consultation for clarity of the situation.

If you do not have faith or trust in the process we urge to be patient, research more before taking such serious steps, but when you receive a IFA Divination the information is too real not to be true. Instead of panicking or showing untrusted or bad character you should do your best to trust the process and be patient until otherwise. IFA teaches us that our character can sabotage our destiny.

If you are patient you will see the successful results of the system tradition of IFA, it may be challenges however, this is also part of the healing. If you set your goals and see it through you will manifest positive results.

What if a client doesn't make Ebos after divination?

It is said that Esu blesses those who make ebo and makes one's life miserable who doesn't make ebo. Understand that when the Ifa priest or any other priest in Yoruba culture opens up their divination instruments and makes the necessary prayers, they are opening up to heaven, once the objects of divination are cast the spiritual forces have arrived with their message and they are waiting for their offerings. Refusing to make ebos is like breaking an oath with the Orisa or the healing forces working for you . Note that your case is still open and the Orisa/ancestors Esu/ spirits are still waiting for their offerings. The client's situation will worsen and Esu will teach them a very harsh lesson. All in efforts to better this person' life and character. On this journey your character and behaviour will be tested.

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