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Why Is The Orisa Orunmila Important In IFA Tradition and Culture?

What is Orunmila Goal For Human Beings? As deity of knowledge, wisdom and divination, The Yoruba Orisa Orunmila’s goal is to aid humanity in achieving balance and harmony in life. Witnessing the destinies of all, Orunmila reminds us of our purpose and roll on earth, so that we can elevate and one day be honoured as Orisa.

The system of Ifa says that it is humans who become Orisa, if we follow our destined path and perform good deeds on earth, when we transcend to the spirit realm we will be remembered, worshiped as ancestors and then Orisa. Orunmila, the narrator of life experiences stores the events of the past and present into a file we call Odu Ifa, there are thousands of stories in each file Odu Ifa that tells the stories of our ancient ancestors trails, tribulations and victories. Orunmila is in charge of making sure these experiences are codified for future references. Orunmila’s goal is to take the wisdom of the past combine it with the present, so that human beings can have a better future.

Who Is Orunmila?

Orunmila is the deity of wisdom and knowledge. Orunmila means heaven knows our salvation. When humans were being created, Orunmila was there to witness there creation, in fact Orunmila witnessed the creation of everything in the Universe, Orunmila knows the destiny of all. Orunmila was said to travel back and forth from heaven ( beyond the stars other star constellations) to earth counselling humans and deities, helping them to solve their issues. Orunmila is known as Eleri Ipin (witness to fate) Ibikeji Olodumare (Second in command to God).

Where did Orunmila live on earth?

Orunmila was one of the first Irunmale that Olodumare sent to the earth. It is said that Orunmila spent 400 years on earth without any food only feeding off the air itself, Orunmila always new that one day he would return to the heavens, finally his time came and he returned to heaven. At that time Olodumare was contemplating on creating the earth in full, so Olodumare tasked Obatala (Orisinaala) and Oduduwa with the job of creating the earth in its fullness. After the job was complete, Orunmila was tasked with the job of guiding humanity, so he Orunmila had to return to the earth, but this time he brought his subjects Opele (divining chain), and Ikin (palm nuts) which he planted and they grew to become palm trees, 16 in number, the palm trees represents generational growth, and moving from one place to another.

Oke Igeti in Ile Ife Oke Itase When Orunmila arrived on earth, he settled in a place called where he was welcomed and held high, the people of Oke Itase recognised Orunmila’s worth and he remained their where he built a large compound with many wives and children. which is documented as his first settlement. At Oke Igeti, the people did not recognize Orunmila’s worth, so he left leaving behind many monuments for them to remember him, so Orunmila moved on and settled other places, however those places he moved to did not recognize his worth, so finally he moved to

Why was Orunmila rewarded with great wisdom?

According to our great ancestral elders, the story revealed states that Olodumare summoned Orunmila and gave him sixteen gourds of wisdom to. swollow. Orunmila was swallowing them, the biggest of the gourds dropped and broke into pieces, the moment this happened, Olodumare instructed Orunmila to pick up the broken pieces and scrape the residues

and swallow everything.

Orunmila did as he instructed. Thereafter, Olodumare told him that he (Orunmila) had swallowed wisdom and that the wisdom would enrich him spiritually in all his facets of life, and he would be able to see beyond all his peers in the spiritual realm. Within seven days of acquiring this power Orunmila was able to see and know everything that happened in the past, things that were happening then and those things that were yet to happen on earth. This power to see past, present and future is still inherent in Ifa

When the other divinities heard about Orunmila’s wisdom blessing and power they inquired from Esu (Esh-shu) Yoruba divinity of Justice, where and how Orunmila got them, Esu told them that it was Olodumare that gave him sixteen gourds of wisdom to swallow, but one of the gourds broke. Hearing this story, all other divinities rushed to the spot where the gourd broke with the intentions of having some share of the wisdom. They were again told by Esu that Orunmila had picked up and swallowed the broken pieces and that he even scraped the ground. In spite of what they were told they still scraped the spot and swallowed what they could, feeling that they too had shared the wisdom with Orunmila, It is the process of scrapping and swallowing that brought forth the word Ifa which literally means (Ifa scraped everything).

What is Orunmila relationship with Ifa?

Orunmila the Orisa is the physical manifestation of Ifa. Humans needed a physical voice and a character who will represent all that Olodumare wants for humanity. Ifa is the voice

of Olodumare (god amonst the Yoruba people of South West Africa Nigeria), Ifa was given to Orunmila so that humans can live according to Olodumare will.

Ifa is the system that was given to Orunmila from Olodumare the God of the universe. IFA is the voice of God and a major is a p

art or connection with destiny Orunmila the Orisa of destiny is the link to unlocking the destiny of humans.

Orunmila was given the position as counsellor amongst the gods and humans, so he shuttles between heaven and earth doing the works of Olodumare.

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