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What Can A Babalawo Do Pt 1?

What are the works of a Babalawo?

Babalawos are very important to Yoruba culture, and the whole world. They are the

custodians, Traditional Doctors, Healers of Yoruba culture and tradition. As the father of all secrets, a babalawo is a servant of Ifa and the deity Orunmila. A babalawo is well versed in the customary rituals, Oral literature (ese Ifa), medicines (Akose Ifa) and history of Yoruba culture and tradition. A Babalawo/Iyanifa can do many things under the guidance of Orunmila IFA and Elders of the IFA Community. A Babalawo and Iyanifa have a tremendous amount of responsibility and requires much hard-work and dedication. Its much work involved tasing care of the community as well as IFA Orisa Obligations. We must respect all IFA Priests and not undermine the Priesthood of IFA as our elders teach The IFA Priests Babalawos/Iyanifas they are representatives and the mediums connection between the Gods and humans. IFA Priests are exceptionally important to our communities and we must or should take care of them and handle them with care and respect as they are the custodians of the tradition and are the children and fall under the protection and trust of Orunmila the Orisa of Destiny.

What can a Babalawo do?

A Babalawo performs spiritual consultations, performs rituals(/ebos), makes medicines and is well educated in the history of their culture. Babalawo are teachers and authors spreading the culture through written information. Babalawo has the ability to communicate with the ancestors and the Irunmole by chanting their oriki (praise poetry). Babalawo are able to see the past, present and future by using the divination system of Ifa. A Babalawo/Iyanifa ( All Trained IFA Priests are able to shift a situation from negative to positive by appeasing the necessary spirits. Babalawos are able to perform Ifa Divinations, birth divinations, roots divinations and marriage ceremonies, they are the custodians of wisdom and knowledge of IFA Orunmila. There are IFA Male and female Priests from all walks of life.

Can a babalawo take a curse off of someone?

A Major Part of a Babalawo's work is to heal people through the guidance and wisdom of IFA , if it is detected through Ifa divination that someone has been cursed then the Babalawo will do the necessary spiritual work ( ebos) and prepare the necessary IFA medicines needed to rid the client of this curse. If the client is patient and has faith in Ifa and the babalawo, the client will witness the power and strength of Ifa.

What If I meet A Babalawo That Does not meet the expectations of good character?

A true traditional trained Babalawo knows the consequences of not meeting the expectations of Orunmila as we are under a powerful system that does deal with oaths. Even you as a person in search of the truth must take oaths to Orisa and your ancestors. This helps to bring to the best character, behaviour in you.

If you meet A Babalawo that does not meet the requirements of the holy Odu Ejiogbe which reinforces honesty and integrity, confidentiality and IFA code' of conduct. You as a devotee even a Priest must still exercise humility and patience. It is a taboo to disrespect a Babalawo or Iyanifa IFA Priests, Olorisha Priests, Our Elders, Our Mothers and Fathers, We must be humble and leave it in the hands of Orisa , IFA ,Orunmila Olodumare. Our Ancient Elders teach and the wisdom of IFA teaches it is not in our best interest to offend the Ori and the Ase of a Babalawo/Iyanifa not matter what we must exercise humility. It is the Orisa we are offending not the human please remember this. Let them be and Esu the Irunmole , Ancestors,Olodumare will handle us according to our actions and deeds.

The character of a person can be very much tested on this journey however, we must remember that we are ALL to be judged by the ancestral court in Orun-Heaven none of us are getting away with anything on earth.

There will be by no means that we will get away with the wrong doings. This is why when you receive a IFA Divination the odu will show or expose your character or what is truly going on in order to help transform you to become a better person thus to lead a better lifestyle and destiny.

When your destiny is revealed when you receive your Hand of IFA or undergo IFA Initiation we are held even more in accountability for our actions. In other words we know better, therefore we must do better with Iwa-good character and behaviour and strive for better character and gain the knowledge and wisdom of IFA to guide us through this life towards successful outcomes, prosperity, good health, good spouse, happiness, all the blessings of this life.

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