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Uncovering the Mystery of the Orisha: Who Exactly is Shango?

While on earth, Kabiyesi Sango was the fourth King of the Ancient Oyo Kingdom in West Africa, Nigeria. Oral IFA traditionalists share that Sango was a tyrant, boiling temper-blooded, strong-willed Orisha who loved all the world's pleasures: dancing, drumming, eating, women, and music. He is well known for using his tool, a double-headed axe.

Sango has a special relationship with the Egungun or Ancestors. While alive on earth, he escaped Iku (death) by wearing the Agan (Egungun Masquerade). He was also the first to worship his ancestors outside the family compound. When Sango was in trouble, he always called upon his Egungun for support. His children must always do the same.

Sango Kawo Kosi Kabiesi Orisha yoruba Ifa Spiritual Spirituality African God

Who Are The Orisha?

In the IFA tradition, Olodumare/Eledumare (the Supreme God of the Universe), amid creation, appointed 401 Orisha Gods/deities to help assist Olodumare with universal assignments. The Orisha are energies affiliated with forces of nature, i.e., Oshun owns the rivers, Iyemoja Olokun the ocean, Ogun the woods/forest, Sango fire/lightning thunder, etc.

Each Orisha has selected Egbe (group) of children on earth, and each child has tools associated with every Orisha to communicate with them. Because the Orisha have left their devices, they will NEVER abandon their children on earth. Each Orisha has placed in nature, colours, foods, numbers, and Oriki prayers, which helps to identify who, what, where and the personality spirit of Orisa.

Orisha is honored by Ifa practitioners and Yoruba descendants all over the world.

What does Kawo Kabiyesi mean?

Our elders teach that Kabiyesi is another spelling of the word KABI KOSI. In ancient Oduduwa, Oyo, and Yoruba lands, this was the form of greeting Sango in those days. Now, this greeting is exclaimed to hail Sango, "Kawo Kabiyesi!" by Egbe Sango Priests, Sango devotees, Ifa Devotees, elders, and all IFA Orisa traditionalists. When you hear the thunder, IFA Orisa traditionalists will hail Sango by uplifting his name and say: Kabiyesi Sango.

What Part of Nigeria Was Sango From?

OYO, West Africa, the second son of Oranyan, became the strongest African king. With much power and influence, Sango strengthened to the point of historical dominance. Building with glory, vitality, and expansion the most formidable empire in Africa at the time, Sango dominated all other Oduduwa Yoruba kingdoms, including Ife, Ekiti, Ijesa, Egba, Ijebu, Ondo, Sabe, and Owu.

Kabiesi Sango’s power stretched beyond Ilorin and Offa into Igbomina in the North; Egbado in the South-west; River Ogun in the South; Osun and Dahomey in the East. Under Sango’s influence, Oyo culture spread far and wide within and beyond the Oyo Empire.

Nowadays, we can find this cultural influence all over Yoruba land.

Who was Oranyan?

Oranyan was the youngest prince who inherited the land—being the first Alaafin, progenitor of the Oyos, who transferred the political power from Oyo to Sango.

When Is the Sango Festival?

August is the primary month Sango Festival is celebrated by high-energy celebrations and rituals headed by the Sango Egbe. The main Sango Festival is held in Oyo, West Africa, Nigeria. In addition, Sango Festival is celebrated enormously in Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Islands and Oyotunji African Village, USA.

I Am a Child of Sango, Why Is it Important to Initiate Into Sango?

It's strongly advisable to work towards receiving your tools of Sango to communicate with Orisa and work towards initiation. Being a Sango Orisha Priest helps one gain Sango's support, protection, knowledge, and culture. Continue the customs and traditions of Sango for yourself, your family, and your community. Ase.

Once you are chosen or selected by the Orisa, you must do everything in your power to save time to get towards them. You will not regret it.

If you're interested in getting initiated to Orisha, or you just want more information: Contact Ifaglobal

USA:1-770-796-0143 Toll Free:1-800-611-1353

What Are Sango Colors?

Mainly red only among the IFA traditionalist in Nigeria .

White and Red In the Western Diaspora i.e. America ,Trinidad, England, Caribbean all over the world.

What Are Some of Sango' favourite foods and items?

Orogbo bitter, Kolanut, Gin, Ram, Goat Banana much more.

What Is Sango Favorite Instrument?

Bata Drums

What Is Oriki?

An Oriki is a Song, Chant, and Prayer specifically about a selected Orisa to glorify them, praise them and keep them elevated. Oriki is a compilation of stories about Orisa's personality. Oriki is another way humans boost the Orisa energy by showing them we honor, care, and remember them. We say Oriki before we give Orisa offerings of food and drink.

What Is an Oriki for Kabiesi Sango?

Olúfínràn, 'Ọba kò so'

Ọba Asángiri




Ekuru gbágbá lọ́daàá

Ilẹ̀ gbogbo, àkùrọ̀ l'ojò

Ènìyàn tí a bú lẹ́yìn, tó sì mọ̀

Ènìyàn tí a bú lẹ́yìn, tó sì gbọ́


Etí lu kára bí ajere

Má bú u

Má ṣá a

Má sọ̀rọ̀ rẹ̀ lẹ́yìn

Baba Bámkọ́lé

N ó lọ lọ́nà ibẹ̀hun

Ṣàngó ò!

Aru-òwú-r' Òwu



Láì-ṣọmọ ẹranko kélébe

Ṣàngó ò!




Panegyric of Ṣàngó

Olúfínràn, 'the king did not hang himself'

The king who cracks the wall

Who splits the wall

He who splits the wall here and there and curls up young men


Dust, dust and dust again in the dry season

A man who gets to know who has spoken ill of him behind his back

A man who hears all that is said of him behind his back


There are ears all over his body like holes in a colander

Don't abuse him

Don't hack him

Don't backbite him

Father of Bámkọ́lé

I will say more of him


The man who carried raw cotton to Òwu

The man who carried fẹ̀ẹ̀fẹẹ yam flour to Ifẹ

The man who carried gùdùgbú yam tubers and sold them at Gudugbu Town

Whereas he wasn't a small goat





May Sango ( KABIESI SANGO) give us the strength and courage we need to be victorious over our enemies,

May Sango give us the fire and strength to transform the bad situations to the good sources in our life,

May Sango fight for us in truth and help us to live a live of success and truth ,

May Sango help us to bring out our extravagant talents and skills,

May Sango help us to be calm and bring out the fire when needed.

May Sango being us wealth and big business,

May Sango help us fight for the underdogs,

May Sango' children be protected and never fall in the traps of their enemies Ase

Remember Orisa KABIESI Sango will never abandon his children Ase Ase Ase O

For more information and guidance on your spiritual journey in IFA Orisa Egungun tradition or how you can initiate to Sango or receive your Sango vessel and tools please contact:

IFA Global Services @ USA: 1-770-796-0143 or

Toll Free Number: 1800-611-1353

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